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Come Get The Cash! You did the Hard Work! * (Call For Details)

Bring us the home or property that you want to “BUY” or “SELL” and “Come Get The Cash”! Why not? You did all the “Hard Work”! This special ONLY applies to customers who bring the property to us. This means that we will show you that home and if you make an offer, a portion of our cash is yours, because we did not have to perform an extensive search saving us all valuable time and money. The “Million Dollar” question of the day is: “Why should we NOT reward you for your efforts and keen decision-making ability”? Because of you, “We All Win”! We will then rebate or give you up to 30% of our Agent’s Side of any Commission. Any customer who brings us the property that they wish to “BUY” or “SELL” is eligible for this incentive amounts are subject to vary based upon the Customer Status as in Military; Disabled; Disabled Veteran; POW; Service Providers (Police; Teachers; Medical and Ministry) etc.; cost and/or amount of property being purchased or sold.

Call Carmen Bogard, Broker and Loss Mitigation Certified (LMC) Professional

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